small business saturday poster

Hello Hornell,

Today I want to talk about the importance of shopping local this holiday season.  I’ve made mention before that we have over 200 businesses within the Hornell Partners for Growth’s Business Improvement District (BID).  And that is just a SMALL part of Hornell & the surrounding area’s businesses.

The idea of a BID is to focus on a particular area of a city and offer different services to improve the businesses.  Some large city BIDs do snow removal, street cleaning, security, and beautification.  Smaller city BIDs usually focus on promotion, business recruitment, beautification, and proposal writing.  Although we have one of the LARGEST BIDs (based on area) in the state, we are still more along the lines of the “small city BID” and the focus has been primarily on promotion and beautification.  But the idea of a BID, although it seems very specific, can have a major trickle down effect.  As we improve our focal point (the BID) and create a more desirable district, it gives a benefit for the entire area (even outside the BID).

So, as an initiative to promote our district as a whole, and in hopes of having a trickle down effect to all surrounding businesses, we started a social media graphic series entitled “Where to Shop” this holiday season.  This was to remind people that there are a lot of great options LOCALLY to get your holiday shopping needs met.  Below is an example of the graphics we started sharing:

where to shop 4.jpg

The above graphic is just one edition of a particular group of businesses, and as you can see there are 28 businesses in this category alone!  That’s impressive!  We’ve done 8 editions of this so far, and we will have represented all of the businesses by Black Friday.

The message that I’m trying to get across is that there a LOT of small businesses that keep this city afloat.  This city is vibrant and filled with hardworking business owners that care about the progress of this town.  And you can find everything from professional services, finance, and medical to culinary, entertainment, retail and so on!  And the majority of businesses within the district and the city are SMALL, FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED.

So, when you are out shopping and thinking of unique gifts this year.  Check out some of the small businesses right here in your back yard.  Chances are they’ve got some stellar gifts and ideas to fulfill all of your holiday needs!


Justin Recktenwald

Executive Director

Hornell Partners for Growth

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