Hello Hornell,

Today I wrapped up the majority of the walking tour of the business improvement district.  I’ve learned quite a bit since I started the tour last month, and I hope that learning has been extended on to all that have been following.  Before I begin today’s tour, I want to note that the businesses listed are ones with visible signage or storefronts.  So if I missed anyone, I’ll apologize in advance (I am actually physically walking when I do these tours and not just looking at an outdated map).  There are a couple of extended parts of streets I’ll have to circle back around to in a later blog so that I accurately showcase the entire BID.

I started off on Broadway this morning and walked towards Main Street.  The Ryan Agency and Hornell Association start us off, followed by Paddy’s Pub, the Elks Club, and the Hornell Community Arts Center.  Across from them is the Off Track Betting and Peebles.  Hopping back over to the other side of the street, Miss Lisa’s Artistry of Dance, Allegheny Eye Associates, and the Spectator are in one section, with the Texas Café directly across from them.  Next to the Texas is an event project by the Flaitz brothers that will soon come to fruition, and across from that is the AM Vets, Hornell Senior Center, Thrifthauser & Salmon Orthodontics, Revolution Dance Studio, and Heather Stanford Photography.  Rounding out the end of Broadway is Maple City Savings on the right, and Sunset Hydroponics on the left.

Skipping on down to the corner of Center Street and Main, I continued my walking tour.  Directly on the corner is the Spotlight Movie Theater, followed by the Dollar General, Hornell Furniture Outlet, and Davidson’s Furniture.  Across the road is Pizza King, The Main Frame, The Classy Café and Deli, Ed’s Computers, State Farm, Nails Tech, Spectrum, Doug’s Flower Shop, Data Processing Company, and Hornell Hearing Center.

The next chunk of Main Street has us going down the opposite side of the street with Remax leading us to Erie Line Antiques, Family Life Services, The Brute, JHL Architecture, the CATs Cradle, Metro PCS, Howard Hannah, and Burger King.  Heading back up the other side of the street, we have N3 Vapor leading us off, followed by Andolina Dental, City Hall, John P Meyer, DDS, Salon 96, Lions Will, Soho, BOCES Adult Education, Kickin’ Country 105.3, Shear Perfection, Sports Fanatic, Woody’s Pawn Shop, Erica Leigh’s, and Andy’s Sub Shop.

Twenty Five percent of the businesses in the BID are located on this short stint of the walk.  That makes sense, as in theory these two streets should be the downtown center.

Now that we have completed (for the most part–I’m sure I’ll have a follow up blog hitting all the places that I may or may not have missed) the walking tour, we will be breaking the blog down into original content pertaining to the different sections of the BID, to the different types of businesses that the BID encompasses, to the urban design of the BID, and to the potential of the BID.

Thank you for walking along!


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