Hello Hornell,

Today’s walking tour takes us back to starting on the corner of Loder and Erie Ave.  Heading towards the city center on Erie Ave, we only have two business that are in taxable locations, and that is the Chinese Buffet and The Erie Federal Credit Union building (but they are merged with newly opened First Heritage Federal Credit Union).  Continuing down Erie Ave and turning on Elm Street,  we have Maxfit 24 (an upcoming gym), Oak Orchard Health, and St. James (UR Medicine) Express Care.

Although this walk was short, we now have completed all of the side streets that are in the BID.  This leaves us with just Broadway and Main Street left to walk.  The majority of the businesses within in the district will be located on the last chunk of the tour.

It was important to see all of the major streets and side streets within the BID because now we have a working visual as to what the BID encompasses–which is quite a bit.

We’ll take a look at Broadway and Main at some point this week to round out our tour!  After the walking tour is complete, you can expect some original blog posts pertaining to the plethora of businesses within the district.  Our goal is to bring to you more than just a Facebook share.

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