Hello Hornell,

Over the past two weeks I’ve walked the different portions of the business improvement district (BID).  The goal has been to lead us to the “downtown” city center.  We’ve learned many things on these simple walks about Hornell’s urban design and the perplexing layout of Hornell Partner’s for Growth’s district.

The first few walks focused on the larger streets that act as the outlying boundaries to the BID.  These last few walks are a bit different.  Today we are going to focus on a small portion of Genesee Street and then later today I’ll talk about Erie & Elm, and then we will finish our Walking Tour this weekend with Broadway and Main Street.

Genesee Street only has four businesses in the BID, but I thought it was worthy of its own blog post because it really illustrates how very sectioned the BID is.  Genesee street is a larger street and houses a few businesses on it, but only a small portion of it is actually assessed.  So, a few viable businesses just miss the cut off to part of the BID.

The ones that are in the BID, starting on the corner of Seneca & Genesee are Allstate Insurance, Verizon, the United States Postal Service, and Hornell Surgical Group.  Once you go past the corner of Genesee & Church, the BID ends.

Later today we will take a look at Elm & Erie.

Hang in there, the walking tour is almost over!!!


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