Hello Hornell,

Today I took a stroll along the tracks and took a look at the businesses that make up the southside of the BID. Starting on the corner of Loder Street we have the Depot Center Plaza that is home to Stop & Shop, Smoking Joes, Roses Tan, Redemption Center, and Roses Gym.  Across the way is The Erie Depot Center with Universal Health Network, Cansiteo Family Practice, and the Erie Depot Museum all housed there.  Up and across the street is Tom’s Liquors & Marino’s Restaurant.

Continuing up Loder, the Whistlestop Plaza is home to Maple City Physical Therapy & the Medically Oriented Gym, as well as the Whistlestop Laundry, Salvation Army, and a Byrne Dairy warehouse.  Across the street is the Knights of Columbus.

Then I continue my walk up Loder, and cross under the tracks over to Canisteo Street where Best Western Maple City Inn starts us off.  The VFW follows suite, and down the road we have H & R Block, Dancing on Edge Studios, the 7 Eleven, and the Southside.  A newer business, Rustic Luxe acts as the boundary business of the BID.

On this walk, it was evident that the businesses that exist, exist in little clusters of two or three.  There are some vacancies in between these businesses, but what is really interesting is the layout.  The railroad and Route 36 really separate this portion of the BID from the rest, and make it an odd navigation. This walk just further solidified that the lay out of the BID is very confusing.  The portioning of streets, such as Canisteo Street and Loder Street, makes if difficult for people to visualize clear boundaries.

In a direct comparison to the Gafer District BiD in Corning, Hornell Partners for Growth BID is entirely a different animal.  The Gafer District is set up in a rectangular grid, with two main streets being featured (the popular Market Street being the highlight), and a couple of small streets that intersect it.  I am lead to believe that the HPG BID is centered around Main Street and Seneca Street as the “downtown,” but instead of simplifying the district to showcase an actual downtown, it seems that a lot of parts of Hornell were incorporated, and a lot of important parts were left out.

To add more confusion to the mix, HPG was at one point allowing a membership–something that has since been ceased due to BID law and regulation–and this, truthfully, has been the major driving force of why I’m outlining the BID on these walking tours.  Once everyone fully understands the layout (and believe me it took me a hot second to understand), I think we can better establish ourselves as a district.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up all of the tertiary streets.  Saturday I’ll tackle Broadway and Main Street to finish up the tour.

Thank you all for touring with me!


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